Marta Cid en la revista Metropolitan ¡Artículo de opinión!

Marta Cid en la revista Metropolitan. Nuestra directora artística escribe un artículo de opinión sobre Barcelona en época de confinamiento en la revista Metropolitan. Una revista enfocada para conocer Barcelona a todos aquellos posibles visitantes de la ciudad condal, o personas de recién llegada, escrita en inglés.

Aquí os lo transcribimos:

«Marta Cid, founder of Wapa’m salon, shares with us her optimistic outlook for the future of Barcelona.

Like many in the western world, when we first heard about the coronavirus, we didn’t pay much attention to it; it sounded so far away that we thought it wouldn’t affect us. As things progressed, it still seemed a distant threat. Then suddenly we had it here; it was in Spain—and worse—it was in our beloved Barcelona. And then we were on lockdown.

During these days of confinement, as I sit in the tranquility of my home I have been thinking about everything I have lived. Ten years ago my mother died, my long-time partner and I broke up and my business nearly went bankrupt—all around the same time. It was one of the most difficult times in my life both personally and professionally. Surviving these challenges made me stronger, and as I reflect on these past struggles I am certain that I will survive what comes next. We’ve all experienced moments of doubt, moments when we thought we wouldn’t be able to endure. But we did, we can, we will. We will survive, and prosper.

As the Days Stretch Ahead
Five weeks of confinement have come and gone, and we’re all restless. How much longer will this last? We’ll only know when we can look back in retrospect after all of this has passed.

But, rather than rue the situation in which we currently find ourselves, I strongly believe this is an opportunity for us to not only to reflect, but to reinvent ourselves. When will we ever again have so much free time to dedicate to ourselves? How many times in the past have we wished for just such a thing—time for ourselves? So, let’s take advantage of it. Rather than squander it on anger or frustration over things we can’t change, let’s dedicate this time to thinking about the things that really move us, the things that matter to us, because life even in confinement can be wonderful. And, though we don’t know when, this will one day be over and things will get better.

Collaboration, Progress, Hope
I don’t know if anyone remembers, but during the 1992 Olympic Games held here in Barcelona, we had a mascot named «Cobi.» Now, almost thirty years later, a virus called «COVID» has appeared that has paralyzed the world. Though they sound almost exactly the same, these two things could not be more different. Cobi was a friendly, communicative character that personified Olympic values. This mascot symbolized collaboration, efficiency, progress, joy and success. So, as we look ahead to this unknown future, though we’re in the midst of so much uncertainty now, let’s not allow fear or anxiety to overcome us. Let’s remember our mascot Cobi who represented the values of our beautiful Barcelona. Let’s look ahead to a future of progress with hope and joy.

I am left with a phrase that I heard someone say recently: «The world has stopped and the earth can finally breathe.» So, let’s take this moment in time to reassess, and to breathe.»

Puedes acceder al artículo EN ESTE LINK.

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